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Vermont Academy
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America 美国 VT 佛蒙特州,P.O. Box 500 10 Long Walk, Saxtons River, VT 05154

1876 | Private School 私立学校 | Co-ed School 男女混合校 | Boarding and Day School 寄宿和走读
College Preparatory School 大学预科 | 9-12,PG | 240 名学生


Founded in 1876 as a co-educational, college-preparatory boarding and day school, Vermont Academy has always been a leader in the field of education. Our 500-acre campus, nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains, is the ideal location to discover individual talents and develop the creative problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills needed for success in college and in life. Our students are active participants with generous spirits, always striving for their personal best as they support their peers to do the same. They are of solid character, respectful of themselves and others, with a strong work ethic and compassion for those around them, working interdependently in a thriving community.
Vermont Academy has always embraced the concept of having students actively participate in a class as opposed to passive learning. We have found that if a student is positively engaged and participating either verbally or physically in class, real learning takes place. Whether it is building and programming your own robot in Physics, or tapping maple trees in late winter to retrieve sap, our students are using their hands while stimulating their minds. This is a model that crosses all disciplines and has been adopted by all departments. The English students practice public speaking, the language learners put on skits in the target language, and history students participate in state-wide competitions where they defend their research in front of a panel of judges. Every year we consciously ponder the possibilities that lie beyond the traditional four walls of the classroom and work with students in more progressive methods that encourage and stimulate different types of learners.
In addition, our impressive array of athletic offerings and outdoors programs focuses on this type of experiential education. After the last class of the day, even more learning takes place on the fields and in the forests of our 500+ acre classroom. Our ski hill is busy in the winter with skiers practicing their jumps; our trails are full of runners, bikers, and nordic racers preparing for their next meets; and our varsity and junior varsity athletic teams compete weekly against teams from all around New England. From dawn to dusk, our students are busy and engaged in a variety of academic and athletic activities that challenge their brains and force them to engage with one another and with nature. This type of “hands on learning” produces the all-around excellence of a Vermont Academy student and prepares them for a life full of activity beyond Saxtons River.

此外,我们大量优秀的体育课程和户外活动奉行“体验式教育”。在佛蒙特中学,学习永不间断;放学后,学校操场和我们500多英亩的森林成为另一个“学习基地”。冬季滑雪场有大批滑雪者练习滑雪技巧;操场上有众多跑步者或自行车赛车手正在为下一次比赛做准备;而我校代表队和后备队每周都会与来自新英格兰各地的代表队进行比赛。我校学生每天都在学习学术课程、参加体育活动,不断挑战自我、相互合作、发挥特长。 “实践型学习”着重培养学生全面发展,帮助他们参与萨克斯顿河地区及全球社会中的各种活动与事务。


学校名称: 佛蒙特中学   住宿类型: Boarding and Day School 寄宿和走读
所在地区: VT 佛蒙特州   学校性质: Private School 私立学校
学校官网网址: https://vermontacademy.org/   学校类型: College Preparatory School 大学预科
成立时间: 1876   学生类型: Co-ed School 男女混合校
校园大小(亩): 3090   宗教类型: No 无宗教
学校地址: P.O. Box 500 10 Long Walk, Saxtons River, VT 05154    


年级: 9-12 ,PG   学生总人数: 240
9-12年级学生数量: 240   国际生比例: 25%
寄宿学生比例: 80%   有色人种比例: N.A.
028-61326865 contact@yoloway.net 四川省成都市高新区益州大道中段1858号天府软件园G5栋1107号


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